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Idea Machines

May 27, 2024

Tim Hwang turns the tables and interviews me (Ben) about Speculative Technologies and research management. 

Feb 10, 2024

Peter van Hardenberg talks about Industrialists vs. Academics, Ink&Switch's evolution over time, the Hollywood Model, internal lab infrastructure, and more!

Peter is the lab director and CEO of Ink&Switch, a private, creator oriented, computing research lab. 


Nov 27, 2023

A conversation with Tim Hwang about historical simulations, the interaction of policy and science, analogies between research ecosystems and the economy, and so much more. 


  • Historical Simulations
  • Macroscience
  • Macro-metrics for science
  • Long science
  • The interaction between science and policy
  • Creative destruction...

Oct 3, 2022

Nadia Asparouhova talks about idea machines on idea machines! Idea machines, of course, being her framework around societal organisms that turn ideas into outcomes. We also talk about  the relationship between philanthropy and status, public goods and more. 

Nadia is a hard-to-categorize doer of many things: In the...

Sep 1, 2022

Seemay Chou talks about the process of building a new research organization, ticks, hiring and managing entrepreneurial scientists, non-model organisms, institutional experiments and a lot more!

Seemay is the co-founder and CEO of Arcadia Science —  a research and development company focusing on underesearched...